Who We Are
Delona is a full-service advertising agency built with a vision to innovate. Started in 2010 from a student’s dorm room and transformed into one of the leading advertising agencies in Iraq. Today Delona brings in international scaled work with various international and national brands creating innovative marketing strategies and solutions that reflects the quality, core values and uniqueness of its clients. At Delona all you have to do is share your vision and we will make it happen! Check out our work in the link.

How We Work
We provide high quality of advertising services that can support synergized business factors while establishing unique marketing strategies for our clients in the marketplace. We are passionate about creating honest, special designs that ensure every interaction people have with our clients’ brand is meaningful and authentic.

Some of Our Clients:
Mazin A. Salahaddin
Founder of Delona

In Delona We believe in excellency, luxury and strong leadership. We believe that nothing is impossible and that the tasks and challenges other people said we cannot do, is exactly what we can do with exceptional quality. In our company, we thrive to bring the vision of our customers to life. We strongly believe that development and passion will always be the core value of what Delona stands for.

“Never Give Up and Believe in Yourself “

There are three financial stages in design

"Design costs money ,Design saves money ,Design brings money"

Pro. Dr Rayan Abd.